• 18 tooth essence oil bottle

    18 tooth essence oil bottle

    this is an 18 tooth essence oil bottle, the picture is brown bottle and blue bottle, there are other options for filling essential oil in glass bottle.

    The supporting essential oil cap is made of aluminum, which is commonly used in the cosmetic industry. The general specification is 20*15mm. There are various styles of 18 tooth essential oil caps, such as rolling wire aluminum cap, cutting line aluminum cap, light aluminum cap, etc.

  • T – type perfume glass bottle

    T – type perfume glass bottle

    This is a perfume glass bottle, this glass bottle is not transparent, it is sprayed, some customers like transparent packaging, some prefer spraying technology packaging.

    The color of the spray can also be selected, such as bright silver, bright gold, or custom color.

    Aluminum cap is a perfume cover, T-shaped, so we call it T-shaped cap, this aluminum cap can be used for electrolysis, can also be used for fireworks.

    Different processes lead to different prices. Our aluminum caps and plastic interiors are produced by ourselves, so we have an advantage in price, good quality and high efficiency.

  • bright gold perfume glass bottle

    bright gold perfume glass bottle

    The development of the cosmetics industry is increasingly stable and fast, thus driving the development of the packaging industry, and aluminum caps, glass bottles and other applications in cosmetics, and other industries is also very wide.

    The aluminum cap as shown on the picture is a tall bottle. The size of the matching aluminum cap (perfume cover) is 32*33. There are three options for the matching sprinkler head: 16.3 sprinkler head, 17 sprinkler head and 17.2 sprinkler head.

    The plastic interiors are also produced by us.

  • Dome glass bottle for perfume

    Dome glass bottle for perfume

    believe no matter which country, perfume is everybody’s heart is good, no matter be in daily life, still be in social intercourse, work, entertainment, can choose perfume to add fragrance for oneself, promote oneself temperament, image.

    The spray cover, shown here, has a simple aluminum cover, with bright gold and silver being the most common shades.

    Its glass bottle actually also has many shapes, as long as the matching nozzle is consistent, then the glass bottle can be customized, and printed LOGO and other words.

  • 18 tooth essential oil dropper bottle

    18 tooth essential oil dropper bottle

    this is an 18 tooth oil dropper bottle, which is composed of glass bottle, aluminum cap, rubber head and dropper.

    Glass bottles more specifications, styles, according to the needs of the choice.

    The essential oil aluminum cap is assembled together with the rubber head and then inserted into the dropper for use.

    The aluminum cap is the same as other cosmetic aluminum caps. The size of this aluminum cap is 20*15mm, and you can choose a variety of colors and techniques.

    The general color of glue head is white glue head and black glue head. If there is demand, other colors and shapes can be customized.

    The dropper can be long or short according to the capacity of the bottle.