Whether cosmetic packaging is really sterile

Many cosmetics brands in order to make the use of consumers better, when using more convenient and health, will be in the packaging of sufficient efforts, such as vacuum, compression pump. Sterile pods and so on, but with all this painstaking design, is it really possible to be sterile?

The purpose of cosmetic vacuuming is to delay the rate of product deterioration. When the finished product of cosmetics enters the bottle, the excess gas will be discharged through the machine to eliminate the environment that can breed bacteria. But whether bacteria can enter the cosmetic bottle depends on the production process and the preservation condition of cosmetics when it is used. If the production process of cosmetics is not a vacuum environment, it is still easy to breed bacteria, so consumers must choose regular and qualified products when buying cosmetics to ensure the health and safety of products.

In the design of cosmetic bottle, the sterile chamber is more conducive to bacteria-proof than the design of compression pump. The general design of the compression pump is to rely on the pressure of the liquid foundation, but can do vacuum depends on whether there are pores at the bottom of the bottle. And another sterile chamber design is safer than vacuum, is the design of hose and special bottle cap, in use, just squeeze the hose, because there is no air pumping, so the emulsion will not backflow, can prevent the contamination of the emulsion.

Many women store unused cosmetics in vacuum bags with bottles and pump out the air, but this only delays the deterioration of the cosmetics and does not really help keep them sterile. Generally speaking, the product with relatively high nutritional activity is more appropriate to be used within 3 months after opening, and can be extended for about 1 month at most in the vacuum bag. When cosmetics turn yellow or smell pungent, it means the product has deteriorated and can no longer be used.

Post time: Dec-15-2021