What are the advantages of cosmetic aluminum cover

With the rapid development of the cosmetics industry, cosmetics packaging materials are also in rapid development, and as an essential part of cosmetics packaging materials, aluminum cap has made great progress in the cosmetics industry, and stable development, has become a bright new star in the industry.
Aluminum cap is used more and more widely in daily life, so it is more and more important, whether in drinks, dairy products, or daily chemical, medicine and other industries, it plays an important role in the packaging industry.
So why are aluminum caps so widely used?
What are its advantages?
According to our investigation, aluminum caps have the following advantages.
1, because of the good sealing of the aluminum cover, the aluminum cover has a good protective effect on the internal material.
2, it has a high aesthetic, as an integral part of the packaging, a small cover can play a role in the finishing point, colorful colors, styles are diverse.
Its price is very competitive.
Compared with other bottle caps, it has a higher price advantage, high quality and low price.
Our company produces all kinds of aluminum bottle caps, mainly used for cosmetic bottle caps, such as perfume, essential oil, essence of wind oil, etc.
Various styles, quality assurance.

Production process of aluminum cover can share with you about our company, the main raw material is aluminum, aluminum cover is formed after blanking, drawing, trimming, to this step is a blank stage, according to the requirements of customers, further polishing and oxidation coloring, polishing means cast blank to oil light, oxidation coloring is the color the aluminum cover,

Such as bright gold, bright silver, gold, silver, bright red, bright green, bright blue and so on, such as the end of the aluminum cover color, you can start to assemble, into the plug, aluminum cover can also be engraved according to the requirements of the line, engraving.

Finally, according to the requirements, a complete set of assembly.

The aluminum caps produced by our company are of high quality, high efficiency and good after-sale service.

Hope that we can provide customers with quality services, quality goods.

Post time: Jul-16-2021