Perfume, essential oil cosmetics packaging materials are widely used

With the continuous development of the economy, people's living standards are also constantly improving, so I believe that many people will be in the economic conditions permit the condition, will dress up themselves, whether at home or abroad, the demand for cosmetics is growing, so in recent years, the sales of cosmetics has been rising year by year.
In order to follow the development of the market, our company began to devote itself to the production of cosmetics packaging materials, such as perfume packaging, essential oil packaging, etc., we have a complete set of walking bead bottles, spray bottles, etc., which are sold to many countries.
At present our company's development is stable and rapid.

We do a variety of products, such as ball bottles, spray bottles and so on.
There are many kinds of ball bottles, supporting the general glass bottles, beads, aluminum cover, plastic cover and so on.
There are many more kinds of glass bottles, and there are many different choices depending on the customer's needs.
For example, there are many options for walking bead bottles, such as light bottles, threaded bottles, square bottles, etc.
Aluminum cover is also a variety of specifications, the color is colorful.
There are also a variety of choice of beads, glass beads, steel beads, plastic beads.
There are many kinds of spray bottles in the market. At present, there are more than ten kinds of perfume covers produced by our company. You can choose from a variety of spray heads.
Our company mainly produces perfume, essential oil bottle cap, perfume cover, supporting bead holder, glass bottle, so can be sold separately, can also sell the whole set.
Our product quality assurance, after - sale worry - free.
From product design, mold manufacturing, molding to product assembly, every link and process has been strictly tested and controlled.
Trust us, we will give you satisfaction.

Post time: Jul-16-2021