14 Teeth Perfume Ceiling

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This is an octagonal perfume bottle, the capacity has a variety of specifications, such as 3ml, 6ml, 8ml, etc., and the glass bottle can be printed on the pattern or logo, so it is more popular with the public. Its supporting aluminum cover specification is 16*23 roof cover, unique shape, its inner parts can choose transparent or white plastic. The supporting bead support has plastic entrust, glass bead support, steel bead support, you can also choose glass bead stick.

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This is a perfume filled glass bottle, the capacity is usually 6ml, 8ml, 10ml, etc., there are smooth glass bottles, also have screw bottles, square bottles, etc.
There are also three kinds of beads, plastic beads, glass beads, steel beads.
The specification of the aluminum cap is 18*26 rolling cover. This is a type of cracker rolling cover. The aluminum cover will roll three warps.
The other three are required to match, if random matching, may lead to leakage.


This can be used to fill perfumes or essential oils. It is mostly used in Indonesia, India and other countries.


Specification of glass bottle 3ml 6ml 8 ml etc.
Aluminum cover specification 16*23    
Bead's specifications Plastic bead support Glass bead Joe Steel ball bead bracket
color Bright gold The brown Custom color

Packaging Mode

1. Complete set of assembly, glass bottle + bead holder + aluminum cover.
2. Separate assembly, FCL shipment of glass bottles, FCL shipment of bead holders, FCL shipment of aluminum caps. It can be sold separately, depending on the quantity required by the customer.
3. Aluminum cover packaging can choose pouch packaging, can also choose typesetting packaging, general typesetting packaging quality will be better, if normal requirements, only need to pouch can be.


Whether glass bottles or aluminum caps, to avoid high temperature, because glass bottles under high temperature will also burst, and the aluminum caps, if long-term high temperature, will lead to color pale, and the inner plug of the aluminum caps will also occur peeling.

Production Process

The production of this aluminum cap is more responsible, there will be several procedures, first of all, blanking, stretching, edge cutting, and then roofing, rolling, the blank is completed, and then to polish, color. The last thing is assembly.

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