Colorful perfume cover bottle cap

Short Description:

This is a perfume cover with various colors, matching 16.3 nozzle, the glass bottle also uses the same color as the aluminum cap, so the whole looks harmonious and beautiful, and the quality is good, popular with the public.

Application: Many perfumes on the market are spray-on and easy to use. Therefore, the spray perfume is also very popular with the public and is widely used in various countries. And now many cosmetics bottles are packaged with aluminum caps to avoid pollution and improve safety.

Product Detail

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Aluminum cover specification: 27*37mm
Aluminum cover color: Bright gold Bright silver Custom color
Nozzle specifications: 16.3mm

Packing method

1. Can be assembled as a whole set, glass bottle + spray head + perfume cover, multiple colors are shipped in one set, different colors are filled with different perfume;

2. Separate assembly, container shipping glass bottles, sprinkler bags, container shipping; Perfume cover row boxes, FCL shipment.

Matters needing attention:
Because the size of this perfume cover is larger than ordinary aluminum cover, it is generally required to be arranged to avoid bruising. Sprinkler heads are generally in bulk, so it is generally recommended to pack the whole set.

Production process: general perfume cover are manufactured by cold extrusion, cold extrusion process of high efficiency and advanced technology, a molding, you just need to follow-up of trimming, then polishing oxidation coloring, therefore is cold extrusion, so it is must need polishing to, not polished, the cover is very ugly, color is not good. The plastic inner parts are also produced by our own company, matching the nozzle of 16.3. Finally, it can be assembled. This one needs to be dispensed, so that the plastic and aluminum cover can match better.

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