14 tooth perfume sun cover

Short Description:

This is a perfume cap matching octagonal bottle, the bottle mouth screw tooth is 14 teeth, supporting a variety of glass bottles, such as 3ml, 6ml, 8ml and so on. Aluminum cap is a distinctive sun cap, generally using the fireworks process for color, can have a variety of colors, such as bright gold, bright silver, bright red and so on. It is widely used in perfumes and essential oils.

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Glass bottle specification: 3ml 6ml 8ml等
Aluminum cover specification: 16*23
Bead's specifications: Plastic bead support Glass bead Joe Steel ball bead bracket
color: Bright gold Bright silver custom colors

Packing method

1. Can be assembled as a whole, glass bottle + bead holder + aluminum cap;

2. Separate assembly, glass bottles arranged in FCL shipment, beads filled bags, FCL shipment; Perfume aluminum cover irrigation bag, FCL shipment.

Production process:
The production of this aluminum cover is more responsible, there will be several procedures, first blanking, stretching, trimming, then roof, rolling, the blank is finished, and then to polishing, coloring. Finally, assembly.

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