14 teeth Walk bead cap

  • 14 tooth perfume sun cover

    14 tooth perfume sun cover

    This is a perfume cap matching octagonal bottle, the bottle mouth screw tooth is 14 teeth, supporting a variety of glass bottles, such as 3ml, 6ml, 8ml and so on. Aluminum cap is a distinctive sun cap, generally using the fireworks process for color, can have a variety of colors, such as bright gold, bright silver, bright red and so on. It is widely used in perfumes and essential oils.

  • 14 Teeth Perfume Ceiling

    14 Teeth Perfume Ceiling

    This is an octagonal perfume bottle, the capacity has a variety of specifications, such as 3ml, 6ml, 8ml, etc., and the glass bottle can be printed on the pattern or logo, so it is more popular with the public. Its supporting aluminum cover specification is 16*23 roof cover, unique shape, its inner parts can choose transparent or white plastic. The supporting bead support has plastic entrust, glass bead support, steel bead support, you can also choose glass bead stick.

  • 14 tooth perfume octagonal glass bottle

    14 tooth perfume octagonal glass bottle

    This is an octagonal glass bottle with 14 teeth and screw mouth. The glass bottle is octagonal and can be printed on it. The capacity of the octagonal glass bottle also has a variety of choices, such as 3ml, 5ml, 8ml, etc.

    Octagon bottle shape is special, style is novel.

    In fact, there are many kinds of aluminum caps, usually with 14 screw teeth. As shown in the picture, there is a type of rolling warp cap, the color can be customized, and generally it is fireworks technology.

    There are also three kinds of supporting bead support, plastic, steel ball, glass.