13-tooth polychromatic perfume bottle cap

Short Description:

This is a threaded bottle with a 13 threaded aluminium cap for perfumery. The threaded bottle is 6ml and is used for perfumery. This aluminum cap is electrolyzed, so it is of better quality and looks brighter and smoother. Color diversity.

Application: It can be used in perfumes or essential oils.

Product Detail

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Specification of glass bottle: 3ml 6ml 8 ml etc.
Aluminum cover specification: 15*22mm    
Bead's specifications: Plastic bead support Glass bead Joe Steel ball bead bracket
color: Bright gold Bright silver Custom color

Packing method

1. Complete assembly, glass bottle + bead holder + aluminum cap.

2. Separate assembly, glass bottles shipped in FCL, bead trays shipped in FCL, aluminum caps shipped in FCL. It can be sold separately according to the quantity required by the customer.

3. Aluminum cover packaging can choose filling bag packaging, also can choose typesetting packaging, generally typesetting packaging quality will be better, if normal requirements, only need filling bag.

Matters needing attention:
Glass bottles need to avoid direct high temperature, and need to handle gently. Aluminum cover to avoid high temperature and long-term storage, if the storage time is too long, will occur internal parts out, thus affecting the use.

Production process: the production of this aluminum cover is more responsible, there will be more procedures, first blanking, stretching, trimming, and then polishing to make the blank more smooth, and then go to the electroplating factory for coloring. The follow-up is to carve line assembly, can complete the finished product.

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