13 teeth Walk bead cap

  • 13-tooth polychromatic perfume bottle cap

    13-tooth polychromatic perfume bottle cap

    This is a threaded bottle with a 13 threaded aluminium cap for perfumery. The threaded bottle is 6ml and is used for perfumery. This aluminum cap is electrolyzed, so it is of better quality and looks brighter and smoother. Color diversity.

    Application: It can be used in perfumes or essential oils.

  • 13 Teeth Perfume Walking Bead Two-headed Glass Bottle

    13 Teeth Perfume Walking Bead Two-headed Glass Bottle

    This is a cosmetic with a glass bottle at both ends. The design is very novel, like a golden cudgel. It is very popular with the public.

    This is a bead type glass bottle, supporting the bead holder sliding use.

    The capacity of the glass bottle is also optional. The diameter of the glass bottle is 13 teeth, and the capacity is generally 3ml, 5ml, etc., and LOGO and other words can be printed on the glass bottle.

    The size of the aluminum cover is longer, generally 15*35, the two ends are empty, and the inner cover is inserted.

    There are three kinds of beads generally available, glass beads, plastic beads, steel beads, depending on customer needs.

  • 13 Dental glass ball bottle

    13 Dental glass ball bottle

    This is a perfume ball bottle, glass bottle capacity selection is more, the same caliber, matching 13 teeth, the color of the glass bottle as shown in the picture, transparent glass bottle, also brown glass bottle, perfume volume is generally small, because volatile fast, so this small volume perfume bottle consumption is faster.

    This glass bottle can match three materials of bead support, plastic, glass, steel beads. Select according to the customer needs.

    The aluminum cover specification of this glass bottle is 15 * 22, is 13 screw mouth, the color has bright black, bright red, etc., can be engraved according to the customer requirements.

    Application field: this perfume walking bead bottle is mostly used for perfume, but also can also be used for essential oil, used more in Africa, Indonesia and other countries.

  • 13 teeth multi-color perfume walking bead bottle

    13 teeth multi-color perfume walking bead bottle

    This is a transparent glass bottle with screw type. It usually has capacities of 3ml, 5ml, 6ml, etc. It matches the aluminum cap with 13 screw teeth. Generally can be used for filling perfume, glass bottle filling perfume has many advantages, transparent glass bottle intuitive display of perfume, and glass bottle sealing safety is high. The size of the supporting aluminum cap is 15*22. It is a hemp sand engraved aluminum cap, which can be used for electrolysis or fireworks process. There are also three kinds of supporting bead support, plastic bead support, glass bead support and steel bead support.