13 teeth multi-color perfume walking bead bottle

Short Description:

This is a transparent glass bottle with screw type. It usually has capacities of 3ml, 5ml, 6ml, etc. It matches the aluminum cap with 13 screw teeth. Generally can be used for filling perfume, glass bottle filling perfume has many advantages, transparent glass bottle intuitive display of perfume, and glass bottle sealing safety is high. The size of the supporting aluminum cap is 15*22. It is a hemp sand engraved aluminum cap, which can be used for electrolysis or fireworks process. There are also three kinds of supporting bead support, plastic bead support, glass bead support and steel bead support.

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This is a perfume filled glass bottle, the capacity is usually 6ml, 8ml, 10ml, etc., there are smooth glass bottles, also have screw bottles, square bottles, etc.
There are also three kinds of beads, plastic beads, glass beads, steel beads.
The specification of the aluminum cap is 18*26 rolling cover. This is a type of cracker rolling cover. The aluminum cover will roll three warps.
The other three are required to match, if random matching, may lead to leakage.


This product is mainly used for filling perfume, essential oil, etc. This product has a small capacity, so it is easy to carry, easy to use, just smear.


Glass bottle specification Clear Glass Bottle 3ml/5ml Brown Glass Bottle 3ml/5ml
Aluminum cover specification 15*22
Belet specifications Plastic bead holder Glass bead holder Steel bead holder
Color Jute sand White linen sand Custom Color

Packaging Mode

1. Complete set of assembly, glass bottle + bead holder + aluminum cover.
2. Separate assembly, FCL shipment of glass bottles, FCL shipment of bead holders, FCL shipment of aluminum caps. It can be sold separately, depending on the quantity required by the customer.
3. Aluminum cover packaging can choose pouch packaging, can also choose typesetting packaging, general typesetting packaging quality will be better, if normal requirements, only need to pouch can be.


Glass bottles are fragile and need to be handled with care and kept away from light to avoid bursting. The aluminum cover also needs to be kept away from light, so as to avoid the color fading of the aluminum cover and the fall off of the plastic inner parts.

Production Process

The aluminum cap is generally after blanking, stretching, edge cutting, and then the blank is completed, and then according to the process requirements to polishing, oxidation. This is a sub-color, that is, hemp sand, it needs to be colored after the end of oxidation. After that can be carved line, assembly can be.

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